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Welcome to my website, I’m Chris Keller-Jackson, working as ‘Crankphoto’, an experienced and self taught Freelance Photographer and Journalist. Please take a look around my site and if you want, provide some feedback via the contact form, or via social media. Those links are at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see from the gallery headings, much of my work is related to the world of Cycling, cycle sports, products and the trade side of cycling. I’m most known for my Track Cycling work, and have worked with UK and International teams to create content, for event / race reporting, social, commercial and advertorial purposes. I have hosted 4 galleries in the UK, including at the National Cycling Centre and work closely with Athletes, Teams and Sponsors to provide what they need from a shoot or a live event.

My work is not all about cycling however, I have experience in many other areas of photography, fashion, motorsports, travel, product photography, sports, manufacturing, wildlife, music and entertainment, event and black tie work. You’ll also notice a section on Burlesque and Alternative (Alt) – there is no direct nudity in these examples though I’d suggest this section is not safe for work.

I’m based in Manchester, England, though work all over the UK and internationally, with experience of product launches, sporting event, manufacturing trips and trade show photojournalism.

I’m proud to have twice been nominated for Cycling Photographer of the Year in the Cycling Media Awards, working Freelance (I have no direct affiliation with a Website or Magazine), its an honour to be nominated alongside other photographers who are in-house, and do have access to premiere events such as the Tour de France.

Am I for hire ? Of course, please get in touch ! I don’t advertise my work directly, much of my work comes from word of mouth and potential clients seeing my photography. If you like what you see, and need an experienced and collaborative photographer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to just ‘turn up and shoot’, be directed, be provided a shooting script, shoot to a ‘house style’ etc. I also have experience in developing shoots, finding locations, models, hair and makeup and collaborating with others to deliver on broad and ambitious content. Please use the contact form to get in touch to see how I can help you.

I hope that you enjoy the images on this site, I’d love your feedback, the site will remain fairly static as I use a different and more secure approach to delivering client images.